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Call  for  Details!

Creativity stemmed from one of life's greatest lessons;

make do with what you have.  


Paired with my skilled craftsman abilities,

my intense organic desires, and

recycling/re-purposing anything the earth has to offer,

Tree House Furnishings was born.

Have an idea, or want to build something of your own?

Check out my Build Your Own Creation

page to design/build your own inspiration.


I am a local of Tallahassee and as you can see I have three beautiful children whom I truly adore.  I am a woman of both worlds, so I quite possibly own more tools than most men, and yes, I have a closet full of heels galore!


Growing up I was consumed and incubated with my Mother's artistic and creative talent paired with my Father's honest hard work and variety of building/crafting skills.  What talent DNA didn't allow for, I avidly pursue on my own, and continue to pursue as a recent 5th year graduate architect.

Thank You & 

Welcome to Tree House Furnishings!

Have any questions or concerns? 

I am always ready to help!



Contact Owner, Suzanna Thomas

@ 850-933-6501

or send me an email at:

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