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Most items are custom creations so please be sure and speak with the owner in regards to each creations care.



For all light fixtures it is  recommended to have each professionally installed.  


This will ensure their proper working function along with making sure your ceiling's light box, etc. can sustain the weight limits when hanging some of our heavier fixtures. Please, safety first.

Have any questions or concerns? 

Tree House Furnishings is ready to help!



Contact Owner, Suzanna Thomas:


or send email to:

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How do I track my order?


Be sure and provide an email during checkout.  A tracking number will be emailed to you upon item shipment.


What are your delivery options?


All of our products have shipping options.  

You will be provided with shipment options at the time of checkout for all standard sized shipments.

For oversized items a shipment quote will be provided either at checkout or via email once shipment location is provided.

Delivery locations?


Shipment provided anywhere within the United States.

Our apologies but we do not offer international delivery at this time.  Contact the owner for further inquiry.


Return policy?


Due to the nature of our designs we do not accept returns.  We encourage you to contact the owner directly to request additional pictures and information.


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